About me

My Background

After gaining a, 1st Class Honours, BSc degree in sound design Technology, I went on to work with the English Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra as part of a Knowledge Exchange Eastern Partnership (KEEP) looking at orchestral performance parameters, web streaming, interactive music classroom systems, audience contribution systems and lots of other interesting things. Other research work carried out with Bournemouth University looked at the use of real-time motion data capture and interpretation of data, for use in a musical context.

I have been working freelance since 2006 on a wide variety of musical and technological projects. For those who are interested, some of the people and organisations that I have worked with are listed below.



I am sometimes asked to tell other people about what I do, how I do it and why I like doing it. I regularly lecture in music and sound design technology at the University of Hertfordshire and have taught the same subject at Southampton University. I designed and teach a course on location recording for MSc students.

People I have worked with

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Music Player

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